New York City / September 15

Taylor about feminism


The best thing about Taylor having a stance at feminism is that she’s not like some uneducated celebrity just wanting to have an opinion and going for a label that’s popular to look strong right now - nope, Taylor actually reads and educates herself enough to talk about anything or she won’t talk about it publicly. That’s the beautiful part, never underestimate her - she’s sexy, sweet, kind, smart and OVERALL THE BEST CELEBRITY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Breakfast with Bevan: Taylor Swift talks about her style icons and biggest fashion regret

taylorswift: Can someone please invent an app that tells me where I can get the food that I smell in the air? #newyork 

TOP 5 TAYLOR SWIFT SONGS || (4)  » Last Kiss
“The song ‘Last Kiss’ is sort of like a letter to somebody. You say all of these desperate, hopeless feelings that you have after a break-up. Going through a break-up you feel all of these different things. You feel anger, and you feel confusion, and frustration. Then there is the absolute sadness. The sadness of losing this person, losing all the memories, and the hopes you had for the future. There are times when you have this moment of truth where you just admit to yourself that you miss all these things. When I was in one of those moments I wrote this song.- Taylor Swift”

Taylor Swift - “Love Story” - Rehearsal/Live Performance



same, taylorswift, same.
Long live The Red Tour